A series of arrests in Western Sicily earlier this month have struck another blow at enigmatic Sicilian Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro. The dedicated Mafia hunters unit of the Carabinieri have struck some notable blows in recent years against Messina Denaro as they look to isolate him from his support network in Western Sicily. Also the new Italian President Sergio Mattarella has made the capture of the powerful Mafioso a top priority, Mattarella’s brother was murdered by the Corleonesi in 1980 for opposing Mafia influence in Sicilian politics. The mafia godfather has been wanted since 1993 and has already been convicted in absentia to life in prison for planning the infamous Florence bombings.

Eleven Mafioso who were a key part of Messina Denaro’s support network were picked up last week after a 4 year investigation into their activities. They were in charge of Messina Denaro’s communication system, called the “pizzini”, little tightly wrapped notes that he uses to issue orders and co-ordinate with other Mafia bosses on the island. The last Corleonesi capo di tutti capi Bernardo Provenzano used this system to stay in control of the organisation.

One of the arrested Mafioso, Vito Gondola, is an old hand of murderous godfather Toto Riina and aided him during his time on the run. Gondola was picked up on wiretap stating that Messina Denaro was losing control of the organisation due to a challenge from a younger group of Mafiosi. The repeated arrests and asset seizure’s by the Mafia Hunters has perhaps led to a power void within the organisation as Messina Denaro cannot maintain control due to being forced further underground. Every Italian crime boss must make their presence felt to retain control territorially. Messina Denaro’s notoriety makes him extremely vulnerable and the Mafia Hunters are confident that he will be captured soon.

Vito Gondola, 77 (on the left) and Michele Gucciardi, 62. Two members of Messina Denaro's clan who were arrested earlier this month.
Vito Gondola, 77 (on the left) and Michele Gucciardi, 62. Two members of Messina Denaro’s clan who were arrested earlier this month.

Maria Teresa Principato, an Italian prosecutor who has hunted the elusive godfather for the last ten years stated last week that Messina Denaro is being protected elements of the Italian State. Messina Denaro has close ties to powerful masonic lodges that have long wielded a pernicious influence within Italian politics. The prosecutor also said that he regularly leaves Sicily to conduct business as there is no money in Sicily just now due to the economic crisis having wreaked havoc on the Italian economy.  One of the countries he has visited in recent times is England, where he has a daughter and grand-daughter who live in Essex.

His daughter Luciana has been generating media attention recently due to her planned marriage to an English middle-class salesman. Some sources are saying that the pair have already been married in a ceremony on her father’s territory in Western Sicily. But there is certainly a wedding party taking place next month in London too, as a notorious London gangster tweeted a picture of his invite!

As noted in my previous blog, I’ve had information from dozens of sources pertaining to Luciana’s engagement in illegal activities. She was involved in loan-sharking activities in the City and in Essex with her half-brothers, something even her own sister-in-law does not deny. But the sister-in-law disingenuously suggests that Luciana became involved in dodgy loan deals during the recession to “help” people. If that’s the case then Luciana must be the first person in history to be involved in loan-sharking due to a charitable disposition! In fact Luciana’s loan-sharking empire was ruled with intimidation and fear. She is now supposedly “retired” from the dodgy loan business.

Since I wrote the previous blog other sources have approached me with new information on Luciana’s involvement in the criminal world. I’ve heard numerous stories of Luciana providing cocaine and prostitutes to city traders, clients and other business people. She can be a very charming individual, especially to people she is making money with. Men tend to be in awe of her due to her good-looks and obvious power. But nor is she a person to be taken lightly or someone you would want to be in debt too.

At the moment Luciana is shuttling between Monaco to London, flying back to conduct business deals in the City. The media attention continues to grow with the Sun, Times and Telegraph all rumoured to be writing a story on the Mafia princess. Quite what relationship exists between Matteo Messina Denaro and Luciana is unknown but from what I’ve been led to believe about her it sounds like daddy would be quite proud!

As for Matteo Messina Denaro, as the noose continues to tighten from the Mafia Hunters will the mafia godfather decide to make a run for it? Many Mafiosi from Italy have setup home in South America over the past few decades, including recently arrested Camorra boss Pasquale Scotti, so this could be a possible place of flight for the fugitive Mafioso. The escape of Cartel kingpin Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman recently may serve as inspiration to Messina Denaro to get out when the going is good. Or perhaps Messina Denaro’s “friends in high-places” will keep him one step ahead of the Carabinieri. Let’s hope that the last of the Corleonesi-era of bosses is finally brought to justice and the final chapter is closed on a bloody era of Italian history. 



  1. I’d read last week in the Guardian that he’s visited Britain which came out after your initial blog on Luciana, putting two and two together I’d say it’s highly likely he’s visited her.
    Great informative piece I’d wondered how the arrests would affect MMD it does seem the noose is tightening on him.
    So we’re they married in Trapani last month? Have seen that on forums

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Incredible info on the family life, I would love to know more about their wedding in Trapani.
    She’s a very interesting character to say the least. Femme fatal meets the Godfather by the sound of it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Are there any photos of her in circulation? I’d be interested to know If she looks like him? And what she looks like full stop?


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